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Firetrace Suppression Systems

Firetrace technology sets the benchmark for automatic fire suppression systems. It detects and suppresses fire directly at source quickly, efficiently and automatically.

Firetrace is a unique, cost-effective, extremely reliable automatic fire suppression system that can be utilised virtually anywhere that a fire poses a risk. The Firetrace system offers complete installation flexibility due to its stand alone design and operation. No additional electrical or plumbing connections are required for operation making Firetrace ideal for new construction, retro-fitting or mobile applications.

Firetrace extinguishes fire directly at its source using a unique pressurised flexi-tube delivery system that allows installation virtually anywhere fire protection is required. This tubing is leak-resistant, flexible and temperature sensitive. Because Firetrace is a self-contained, stand-alone system, its operation is not affected by power or water mains failure. Firetrace reacts reliably every time. For applications requiring large area coverage, Firetrace offers a bigger volume delivery system where pressure nozzles are used to provide rapid protection.

Our highly trained distributors will a develop and install fire suppression system to reliably and effectively protect your property.

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Insurance & Regualatory Bodies
The Federal Institute of Material Research and Testing (BAM-Berlin) has completed the testing for German Government approval. Firetrace has rteceived the accreditation for all Firetrace valves. Ceodeux, the manufactorers of Firetrace valves, is ISO 9001 approved. Factory Mutual's testing on Firetrace as a thermal detection device was successful. Factory Nutual listed components for use with the Amerex Vehicle Suppression System. The final report and certification has been completed.
Automatic Fire Extinuishers - Uses on ocean ships
CO2 Detection / Extinuishing Tube - Uses on ocean ships.
Standard Life installed Firetrace in there new office facilities.
YUASA (UK) Batteries. Denotes organisations recently exposed to Firetrace and are actively supporting the product.
Firetrace has been tested by the Loss Prevention Council and found to exceed the requirements for classification as a Fast Response System.